Bowl Demonstration #1 -- Using two pounds of clay

I made this wheel-forming video in response to a student's request. I cover my basic spiel about the process from start to end. While all 16 minutes are utterly fascinating, experienced throwers and teachers might skip to 12:48, where the generic form starts to look like the final piece. Full contents and timestamps below the video.

There's more to see over on my YouTube channel.


Bowl Demonstration #1

Introduction and comments
  0:01 Introduction
  0:35 speed recommendations
  1:03 water comments

Start piece with hole in middle
1:12 start the first hole
1:46 anatomy and technique thumbs vs fingers
2:40 start hole with thumbs
3:39 finish hole with fingers
4:02 decision for bowl form starts at floor
4:16 “Frisbee” tip/technique of counteracting wheel spin

Establish deepest part of curve of bowl
5:12 pull out curved bottom with curved fingers
6:00 compression of bottom for looks, strength

Early height efforts start with broad touching
6:54 first raising of wall, broad hand shove
8:14 second raising of wall, also broad hand shove
8:36 shift from broad hand shove to smaller fingerprint pinch

Remaining height with fingerprint pinching
8:55 first fingerprint raising
9:52 rim correction technique with sponge
10:34 second fingerprint raising
11:40 water using comments
12:00 third fingerprint raising

At full height, but generic form, hand and tool shaping starts
12:48 first hand shaping of rim
13:08 hanging string curve structure guideline
13:36 sponge shaping, several gentle changes
14:11 precleaning the bottom (pot not finished yet!)

Final shape refinement with tools
14:39 rib shaping from inside
15:16 rib shaping from outside
15:40 correcting the unnecessary bump (“shelf”)

 15:46 summary of steps